PCB technical capabilities:


Production standards (tolerances)
According to standards: IPC-A-600 Class 2
(The standard is available on request)
Number of PCB layers
1-12 layers
Layer build-up according to requirements - Selection
Minimum track and gap size

Base copper thickness

Min. copper thickness after plating

Minimum track width / isolation gap

18 µm 33.4 µm 0.090 mm
35 µm 47.9 µm 0.100 mm
70 µm 78.7 µm 0.150 mm
105 µm 108.5 µm 0.180 mm
Minimum drill diameter: 0.10 mm (after plating 0.05 mm)
Aspect ratio:1:10
(For PCB thick. 1.50 mm, min. drill Ø 0.15 mm, after PTH 0.10 mm)
(For PCB thick. 1.00 mm, min. drill Ø 0.10 mm, after PTH 0.05 mm)
Colors: green, blue, red, white, black, yellow
Epoxy Filled and Capped Via holes
Class VII, min.drilled hole diameter 0,20 mm
(Final hole diameter after plating 0,15 mm)
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Silk screen
Colors: green, blue, red, white, black, yellow
Surface treatment
lead-free HAL
chemical Niau
Mechanical finish
Testing methods
electrical test
optical test- AOI
controlled impedance
micro sections
Controlled Impedance
1. Controlled Impedance calculation, stack-up adjustment
2. Test Coupon design
3. Controlled Impedance measurement
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Further options
Manufacturing Standard IPC-A-600 Class3

UL certification UL-file number:E258735

Total PCB thickness up to 5 mm

Edge plating
plated half-hole

carbon layer
removable paint
Via-hole filler

Z-axis milling
Interrupted grooving
press-fit holes

buried holes
blind holes - aspect Ratio 1:1

ceramic materials on request

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12 Layer Multilayer PCB
12 Layer Multilayer
100 um technology
100 um Technology
Via in Pad technology
Via in Pad Technology
Controlled impedance PCB
Controlled Impedance
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