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General Guatantee Conditions


1. We guarantee the good quality of the items delivered: the items delivered are of good quality material and have been made consistent with the standards of good workmanship in accordance with the agreed specifications. Invoking the guarantees referred to in this article can be done for a period of 1 year from the delivery date.
2. We are subject to no other guarantee obligations than those expressly included in these conditions. We are never liable for any indirect or consequential damages.
3. Claims will not be accepted when an electrical test has not been performed on the pcb(s).
4. Claims dealing with hidden defects, will not be accepted when a thermal shock cross section has not been performed.
5. CClaims will not be accepted if the following applies:
a. negligent storage, installation, use or introduction of changes;
b. negligent and/or insufficient maintenance;
c. wear and tear;
d. use or testing of items beyond the stated specifications;
e. materials, designs or procedures prescribed by the customer.
6. Furthermore, claims will not be accepted if:
a. we are not informed by the customer of defects discovered within the prescribed term contained in these conditions;
b. we are not given the opportunity to repair the defects in spite of our request to do so;
c. third parties have carried out repairs or work on the items without our prior knowledge or permission, in respect of which a claim is being made on the guarantee.
7. The guarantee comprises our carrying out of repair work free of charge or making the necessary components available or replacing the item concerned, as we see fit. If we consider repairs to be no longer possible or worthwhile, the customer is entitled to reasonable compensation in return of a sum no higher than the purchase price of the defective item.
8. Items or their components replaced as a consequence of that referred to in this article become our property without any legal transaction having to take place.
9. The customer must send the item eligible for guarantee postage paid to an address that we specify within 14 days after the periods laid down in these conditions.


1. The customer is obliged to check the items that have been supplied immediately after delivery for any shortcomings and must make these known to us in writing as soon as possible, but at the latest within a period of 10 days after the delivery date.
2. The customer must bring hidden defects to our attention in writing within 10 days after the date on which the defects are discovered, or at least could reasonably have been discovered. In the event of there being hidden defects, an appeal under this article with regard to claims, is possible for a period of 1 year after the date of delivery, taking into account the periods referred to in this paragraph 2.
3. Minor defects and/or deviations common in the trade and variations in quality, colour, size etc. never give grounds for claims.
4. If the customer has made no claim within the period mentioned in the previous paragraphs, it is considered to have approved the delivery and to have relinquished all rights and powers at its disposal based on law and/or this contract.
5. Submitting a claim does not relieve the customer from its payment obligations with regard to us.
6. If we find the claims to be legitimate, we will take care of replacing the products or repairing the defects as we see fit.


1. We are only liable for damages that are the direct and sole consequence of our negligence, on the understanding that we are never liable for indirect damage (including lost profit, consequential loss and/or trading loss).
2. Except on the grounds of obligatory legislative provisions, we are not liable for damage caused by gross negligence or intention of our employees or by third parties we have brought in to fulfil the contract.
3. Our liability is limited to the value of the invoice, excluding VAT, of the panel or panels causing damage.
4. The customer indemnifies us and/or our employees against claims by third parties for damage caused by the use of services and/or panels we have supplied.
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