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SQP: Founder of Dutch company Klingelnberg-Klauss Electronics B.V., Mr.Jeroen Charmant, established a PCB service centre in the Slovak Republic. New company‘s designated CEO is Mr.Peter Hric.
CAD/CAM service, Film plotting with Laser raster photo plotter and Electrical test fixture preparations are provided for various local PCB manufacturers as highly advanced technologies.
SQP: Multilayer Printed Circuit Board Production is initiated.
SQP: Multilayer production, ENIG surface and flying probe electrical testing becomes the standard. Online resources planning and communication system (ERP) is programmed and applied.

SQP: Company premises are completed in construction housing a team of 30 driven experienced employees. Company is debt free and running healthily despite world crisis.

SQP: New technologies are utilized: UCAM Software for data processing Optical in-layer registration in drilling process Automatic Optical Inspection Controlled Impedance...

SQP: Laser Direct Imaging from Orbotech is introduced and accordingly SQP starts to produce PCBs with 100 micrometer technology. As well, company starts Filled / Over plated / Holes - technology.
SQP: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 certification are acquired.
It is a part of our narrative to follow the vision of a greater European PCB self sufficiency.

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 Mobile: +421908929550
Our technology:
Laser Direct Imaging technology Nuvogo 500 from Orbotech
Orbotech LDI
Strip-etch line from Wise
Wise Strip Etch Line
Optical tester Orbotech Fusion 22
Orbotech AOI
Inkjet printer Sprint 110 from Orbotech
Schmoll Drilling Module
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