SQP International is a European pcb manufacturer with 27 years' experience in the production of multilayers. We are working with the highest quality materials and the most advanced technologies.

PCB manufacturing expertise in blind, burried, stacked, filled, capped holes, sequential lamination, track width under 100um, controlled impedance, RF and Microwave PCBs.

Cost effectiveness in fast turnaround, prototypes, small series, in specific technical requirements and complex PCBs.

The shortest possible delivery time in-house is 24.07.2024 based on today's order.
Standard production time for a printed circuit board is 5 working days.

All delivered PCBs are made in our own production facilities in Vlkanova, Slovakia.
SQP International does not provide any PCB resale or any subcontracting.

Our product:
12 Layer Multilayer PCB
12 Layer Multilayer
100 um technology
100 um Technology
Via in Pad technology
Via in Pad Technology
Controlled impedance PCB
Controlled Impedance
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