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About us

The company was founded to provide services for other printed circuit board manufacturers as
CAD-CAM data processing, laser photoplotting,
building fixtures for electrical test, PCB milling, scoring and drilling.
Starting PCB sales of small volumes and prototype quantities in quick delivery times.
Construction of own production facilities, gradual installation of technologies for chemical processes.
Installation of ML press and black-oxide process, beginning of multilayer production.
Installation of chemical NiAu process for surface treatment.
Construction of own production facilities for dry processes, technology reinstalation.
Introduction of pool service, launch of the client portal.
In 15 years a database with 120,000 precisely documented orders was built.
Introduction of flying-probe test technology for electrical test of complex PCBs.
Gradual expansion of production facilities and production capacities.
Installation of automatic production lines for chemical processes.
Installation of new plating process suitable for HDI technology.
Installation of new Burkle's LAMV 100 ML press focused on HDI technology and special materials.
Installation of UCAM software for data processing. Upgrading technologies for optical and electrical test.
Installation of curtain coating technology for solder resist applications.
Installation of a advanced drilling equipment with CCD technology and accurate Z axis control.
Introduction of new materials with high Tg. Fabrication of flexible printed circuit boards.
Process "Plasma" successfully installed. Controlled impedance introduced.
Installation of Mania Technologie's flying probe testers and Orbotech's Fusion 22 AOI system.
Installation of Schmoll Maschinen's advanced drilling machine supported by CCD technology.
Installation of PICO SupraLight exposure unit with controlled UV LED light source and CCD alignment sys.
Installation of Orbotech's INKJET technology SPRINT™ 110 for high resolution legend printing.
Installation of Pola e Massa's brushing technology for thin materials down to 0.1 mm.
Installation of LPKF's Laser Cut Stencil technology.
Installation of Pentagal's Penta 550 machine for HASL Lead Free process.
Installation of LHMT's scoring machine.
Installation of Orbotech's Nuvogo 500 Laser Direct Imaging technology.

Please feel free to call or email us
for any enguiry, PCB quotation
or request for technical solutions :

  • Laser Direct Imaging technology Nuvogo 500 from OrbotechLaser Direct Imaging technology Nuvogo 500 from Orbotech
  • PCB Scoring machinePCB Scoring machine
  • Optical tester Orbotech Fusion 22 Optical tester Orbotech Fusion 22
  • Inkjet printer Sprint 110 from OrbotechInkjet printer Sprint 110 from Orbotech